ELLE + ELLE...who are we?

We are a female-powered Canadian brand started by two cousins often mistaken for sisters.  But we think we're more than that.  We consider ourselves soul sisters.  Our thoughts, feelings and attitudes are so similar that we feel like kindred spirits.

Besides sharing the same surname (beginning with the the letter L, hence the name ELLE + ELLE) we share a passion for jewellery. A passion passed on for generations. Our Italian great-grandmother was a 'jewellery stacker' well before it became a thing in this century! We've been told that she often said "every day is a good day to wear jewellery, there's no need to wait for a special occasion!" and we couldn't agree more.

We believe that every piece of jewellery can be symbolic, tell a story or represent an important time in a person's life.  For this reason we carry jewellery that is classic, trendy, stylish but minimalistic, and can be worn on a daily basis or for those special occasions.  We offer a selection of affordable quality pieces in sterling silver, vermeil, gold plated, gold filled and 14 kt children's jewellery. We're sure you'll find something you LOVE! 

We hope you enjoy our curated collection as much as we do.  Thank you for being here and for supporting our small business!!
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