We hope you enjoy your jewels as much as we do!  

Taking care of your jewellery is easy.  Follow these easy tips to keep them sparkling:
Keep your jewels stored in a cool, dark place and not exposed to air.  Necklaces are best stored by hanging them.
Clean them with a polishing cloth.
Avoid showering/bathing, tanning or swimming with your jewellery on.
Remove your jewels while using household cleaning products or other chemicals.
Avoid exposure to any chemicals like body lotion, perfume, tanning lotions and hair colour/hair products.

The majority of our collection is 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated, vermeil, gold plated or gold filled. It is normal for metals like silver to darken with normal wear, or if left sitting out, exposed to air for long periods of time. They can simply be cleaned with a polishing cloth.

PLEASE NOTE: never use cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaners on any pieces with gemstones.

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